Are your silicone plates non-toxic?

Yes, all of our silicone products are made from FDA approved, platinum cured, 100% food-grade and medical-grade silicone. Our silicone is free from BPA, BPS, PVCs, phthalates, cadmium and lead.  Our pigments are also free from these toxins. 

Where are your products made?

Our silicone, pigment, and products are all made in the USA.  Our new organic cotton drawstring bags used for packaging are made in India.

How do I clean my Kiddiebites plates?

All Kiddiebites silicone children plates are dishwasher safe.  Please visit our Care and Safety page for detailed instructions on how to clean your Kiddiebites product.

I notice residue on my Kiddiebites product, is something wrong?

Sometimes oil residue can form on silicone products when using a detergent with oil, antibacterial agents or moisturizers. There is nothing wrong with your product, and it can be easily fixed.  Please visit our Care and Safety page for instructions on how to remove oil residue from your product and for a list of recommended detergents.  

How are Kiddiebites products made?

Our silicone products are made through an injection mold process.  You may notice slight color variations due to this process.  All of our silicone products are platinum cured.

Can I put my plate in the dishwasher?

Yes, all Kiddiebites silicone plates are safe to wash on both the top and bottom racks of your dishwasher.  We recommend using a gel detergent instead of a powder in your dishwasher, as silicone does not withstand abrasion as well as some other materials.  We also recommend using a detergent with no oils, moisturizers, or anti-bacterial agents to avoid oil build-up.

Is my Kiddiebites plate microwave safe?

Yes, all Kiddiebites silicone plates are microwave safe. 

Can I sterilize my Kiddiebites plate?

You can sterilize your silicone plate before first use (or anytime) by boiling in hot water for up to 15 minutes.