Fruit & Veggie Painting

Looking for some fun indoor paint projects?  Fruit & veggie painting to the rescue!  This art project is so simple.  Take some of your child's favorite fruits and veggies and use them for painting and stamping.  Our favorites are celery, broccoli, lemons, and potatoes.  Some fruits and veggies work best cut in half, like celery, lemons, apples, potatoes. Others work well whole, like broccoli, green beans, and carrots.  Let your child experiment with the different textures, shapes and sizes of the produce.  

Offer your child a variety of paint colors.  Kiddiebites plates and our divided sections make an easy paint tray.  You can also use paper cups or paper plates to hold your paint.  If you don't have paint on hand, you can also use yogurt mixed with food coloring or even a stamp pad.  This might get messy!

Please share your veggie art creations with us on Instagram and Facebook.  We would love to see your Kiddiebites Creations!  #kiddiebitescreations

kiddiebites silicone plate painting

Have fun!


Photo credit: IG @kkay_marie

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